About us

India is at the cusp of a financial revolution with Government and private players driving strong initiatives for financial inclusion.
Our goal at Bharat Nidhi is to provide the underserved population of India with a strong financial foundation. We have been able to deliver financial services and goods at low cost and have been able to reach the interior areas of our country. Thanks to our partner network and simple and adaptive tech framework.
We understand that for inclusive growth, we first need to bridge the gap between demand and supply for financial services through intermediaries who can act as a local backbone to deliver financial solutions.
With digital adoption in India at a supreme high, we only need to empower intermediaries with knowledge and technology to deliver financial solutions to unserved areas.
The process, in turn, will create financial prudence and independence in the society and help the next billion Indian population to create and sustain wealth for themselves.
Join us to build an inclusive financial society and make Bharat fulfil its dreams!


How We Work?

Empowering Last mile retail outlets to drive financial inclusion

We help retailers to access best in class financial products to be offered to their customers. Our financial partners support us in customizing the products that serve the true need of the underserved. Our nimble tech makes it possible to deliver solutions with ease at the point of sale.

Partner with “Local-preneurs”- The local entrepreneurs to drive the process

We partner with locals who have a growth mindset, such as self-employed, serviceman, shop owners and homemakers, and provide them with financial education, technology, and marketing support so they may provide financial services in their community.

Collaborate with Channel Partners to enhance the distribution

To effectively manage and distribute products like Loan and Insurance, special handling is needed. Our BC partners may use our knowledge and technology to handle such products with precision while they continue to run their main businesses.